About 4 years ago

05/22/2019 - Walmart Workers Invited A Special Guest To Crash The Company’s Annual Meeting: Bernie Sanders

– The Washington Post
The presidential candidate, who has repeatedly called on Walmart to improve its working conditions, is heading to Bentonville, Ark., on June 5 to introduce a shareholders’ proposal that would give hourly Walmart workers a seat on the company’s board.
 The New York Times
In newly filed complaints, McDonald’s employees described repeated sexual harassment and then punishment for speaking out.
– The Wall Street Journal
Agility Robotics to provide upright, walking robots to take goods from self-driving vans to doorsteps.
– The New York Times
The national recovery’s general low unemployment and rising wages haven’t really lifted Youngstown, Ohio. Northeastern Ohio was once staunchly Democratic, but its allegiance to President Trump is as much cultural as economic.