About 3 years ago

11/04/2019 - Walmart’s Strategy When Wading Into Culture Wars: Offend Few

– The New York Times
When navigating the nation’s culture wars, Walmart follows a strategy it has honed for years: alienate as few customers as possible and do no harm to its core business.
– Associated Press
Virginia’s election results this week will be viewed as an acid test for Trump in suburbs, which tend to include more highly educated and higher-earning voters.
– The Wall Street Journal
Different generations experience sexism, racism and ageism at varying levels in office, new poll shows.
– Restaurant Hospitality
Restaurant owners aren’t ones to shy away from telling it like it is, or how they’d like it to be. Here are some of the staff’s favorite quotes from the MUFSO conference that happened on October 13-16 in Denver this year.