About 4 years ago

09/27/2019 - The White-Collar Job Apocalypse That Didn’t Happen

– The New York Times
Economists once warned that office jobs in the United States would soon follow factory jobs in moving overseas. New research suggests that jobs may be moving to other parts of the country instead.
– Reuters
In a letter to CEO Steve Easterbrook, 115 mayors, commissioners, city councilors and school board members asked McDonald’s to meet with workers, hear their stories and together craft tougher policies to effectively stamp out harassment.
– MarketWatch
Partisan politics is infecting every corner of American life, including the workplace.
– The Wall Street Journal
For the UAW, there’s no avoiding the harsh reality of a wider transition taking hold across the auto industry: Building electric vehicles requires far fewer workers, making it near-impossible to avoid job losses and wage cuts. In addition, fewer components are needed, and many of them are imported.