About 5 years ago

07/23/2018 - The Winners And Losers In Retail’s Growing Divide

Disruption in the retail sector is creating winners and losers – as fulfillment center jobs supplant retail associate or clerk positions.
 Fast Company
The labor commune model is back in vogue with a new generation of agricultural workers in California. Their project, California Harvesters, has attracted a high level of participation and backing from labor groups, looking for a model to export to other industries.
– The New York Times
When companies like Uber and Lyft no longer have to pay drivers, rides could be as cheap as bus fare. And when autonomous vehicles platoon, they could squeeze more capacity and speed out of roadways, eroding some of the timesaving advantages of railways. The New York Times reveals the pros and cons of autonomous vehicles.
– The Wall Street Journal
Across the country, the details vary but the story is the same. The Trump administration has been rolling back sections of the Obama-era health law piece by piece. And states are filling the void, either to buttress or countermand changes from Washington.