About 2 years ago

10/21/2020 - Workers Who Were Laid Off Say They’re Being Passed Over – For Their Own Jobs

Labor unions agree, and as the bleak U.S. job situation shows no sign of a major revival, they are pushing for legislation to ensure that people who lost jobs in the pandemic get first dibs when those positions reopen.
The pilot program, called the Compton Pledge, guarantees cash payments between $300 and $600 to a group of 800 “pre-verified” residents each month for two years and access to free banking services.
– The Wall Street Journal
Building on the attitude shift spurred by #MeToo, employees demand exit agreements permit them to speak out about their alleged discrimination, and companies reconsider confidentiality restrictions.
– Center for American Progress
A report from the liberal-leaning Center for American Progress focuses on how policymakers can close equity gaps by redesigning workforce accountability to focus on job quality while addressing problems that disproportionately affect workers of color.