CHOICE Act – Big wins for retailers

As retail operators return to work this week after what was hopefully a busy Memorial Day weekend for them, they should be encouraged by some rare good news out of Washington D.C. The industry had some big wins last week …

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Caught Up in the Entitlement Reform Debate – Again

The President recently made headlines with the release of his first draft budget proposal and while some convenience store operators might applaud the perceived “belt tightening”, leading brands need to be aware of a few hidden minefields. Most prominent among …

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Key lessons emerge from off-year elections

In political terms, 2017 is what’s known as an “off year.” Only a few states have elections but two are for governorships – Virginia and New Jersey – and we have had a couple of notable congressional special elections thrown …

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About 4 days ago

Midnight Reads – The Second-Class Office Workers

The Second-Class Office Workers – The Wall Street Journal  The Wall Street Journal contends that “millions of Americans now do jobs for companies that have replaced employees with outside workers who get lower pay and skimpy perks.” For Americans who …

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About 6 days ago

Midnight Reads – Why Republicans Can’t Govern

Why Republicans Can’t Govern – FiveThirtyEight President Trump’s recent deal with Democrats shows that controlling the White House and Congress isn’t enough to enact large-scale changes or, in many ways, govern effectively.   With Their Party’s Future on The Line …

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