About 2 days ago

Midnight Reads – How Big Data Broke American Politics

How Big Data Broke American Politics – NBC News From NBC News: Big Data revolutionized the way American politicians win elections. In the process, it broke American politics. Here’s their theory: The reason our lawmakers aren’t responding to the center of the …

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About 3 days ago

Episode 5: Restrictive Scheduling and The Final Four

Working Lunch, Episode 5 One of the leading voices in the restrictive scheduling debate from the restaurant industry is Tim Ehlert, Director, Government Relations for Buffalo Wild Wings. He joins the Align Public Strategies crew this week to discuss the …

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About 4 days ago

Midnight Reads – Alex Acosta’s Labor Agenda

Alex Acosta’s Labor Agenda – The Wall Street Journal  Acosta’s positions on most labor issues are unknown, and it hasn’t passed Republican notice that unions are pleased. AFL-CIO chief Richard Trumka hailed Mr. Acosta as “a public servant with experience …

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