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12/12/2017 - Midnight Reads – The Jobs Report is Overhyped. Here’s Why That’s A Problem

The Jobs Report is Overhyped. Here’s Why That’s A Problem

– FiveThirtyEight

An exploration of why focusing too much attention on America’s monthly “Jobs Report” has lead to a flawed understanding of The United States’ labor market and our country’s overall economic progress.

Small Businesses Anxious About Making The New Minimum Wage Work

– Crain’s New York Business

Crain’s Business News checks in on small businesses that are preparing for an increase in New York state’s minimum wage next month, along with new rules about paid family leave, sick days and employee scheduling.

Robots Will Transform Fast Food

– The Atlantic 

Robots have arrived in American restaurants and hotels for the same reasons they first arrived on factory floors. The cost of machines, even sophisticated ones, has fallen significantly in recent years, dropping 40 percent since 2005. Business owners predict that robots will take over work that is dirty, dangerous, or just dull, enabling humans to focus on other tasks.

Sexual Misconduct Often Part Of The Job In Hospitality Work

– The Washington Post

The conversation around sexual harassment and assault continues to migrate from Beverley Hills and Capitol Hill to Main Street. Employers will find workplace practices under increased scrutiny in the coming months.