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12/07/2017 - Midnight Reads – Patchwork of Paid Leave Policies in States, Cities Creates Compliance Hurdles

Patchwork of Paid Leave Policies in States, Cities Creates Compliance Hurdles

– The National Law Journal 

The National Law Journal looks at how overlapping state and local paid leave mandates provide stress and compliance headaches for companies.


The Senate Tax Bill Should Give Families the Paid Leave They Deserve

– The Washington Post 

Republican U.S. Senator Deb Fischer from Nebraska makes the case for a “carrot approach” the paid leave policy that she is advocating for as part of Congress’s tax reform efforts. The Washington Post explores this strategy and its proposed effects here.


In the Trump Era, Big Business Is Becoming More Political

– The Economist 

At the start of Donald Trump’s presidency bosses rushed onto his business councils, hoping to influence policies in their favor. Their ardor has cooled. When Mr. Trump banned travel from Muslim-majority countries, withdrew from the Paris agreement on climate change and equivocated on racist protesters in Charlottesville, to name but a few occasions, chief executives roared their protest. Here’s why.


The Smart-Speaker War Is On

– Axios

14 million smart speakers will be sold globally during the final three months of the year. Should smart speakers become a truly popular means of commerce, brands and retailers will have to figure out how to negotiate yet another layer of technology inserted between them and the customer. “Instead of making sure you’re on the first page of search results, you’ll have to make sure you’re the one or two items that Alexa suggests you buy.”