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05/11/2018 - Is Your Blackjack Dealer High?

Is Your Blackjack Dealer High?


The lowest U.S. employment rate in 18 years hasn’t done much to lift wages, but the difficulty of finding workers is having one effect: convincing companies to stop testing job candidates for marijuana. Caesars Entertainment made headlines this week for its decision to opt out of screening potential hires for pot use, with the casino operator implementing the policy nationwide, a spokesman confirmed, adding: “It was one factor disqualifying a lot of good people.”

Happy Mother’s Day – Paying The ‘Motherhood Penalty’

– Reuters

Study after study shows that women who leave the workforce, whether it is to care for children or to retire early with a spouse, take a hefty financial hit. The price women pay for raising a family has been dubbed the “motherhood penalty,” with numerous academic studies quantifying the impact in thousands of dollars.

As Other States Have Abandoned Efforts, New Jersey Passes Individual Mandate

– Governing

With the federal healthcare mandate no longer in effect, states have entertained implementing their own; however, New Jersey has been the only one to go down that path so far.

How Netflix Redesigned Board Meetings

– Harvard Business Review

At most companies, directors have a less complete understanding of the company than executives because of their limited exposure to day-to-day activities. Netflix takes a radically different approach.