About 5 years ago

05/14/2018 - Fiercest Fight Of The Midterms May Be The One For Maps

– Roll Call
Democrats hope to wrest back control of the redistricting process from Republicans ahead of 2020 census.
– The Wall Street Journal
Republicans have often won support in recent elections by promising to repeal the Affordable Care Act. This year, Democrats hope to turn the tables by pushing the opposite goal-not just keeping the health law, but expanding government’s role in health care.
– The Washington Post
A showdown is looming in Seattle, where the city council plans to take an initial vote Friday on a tax on big businesses that would address an escalating crisis in homelessness but has widened fissures between the city and its largest employer: Amazon.com.
– Time
When Warren Buffet held his annual investorfest at the beginning of this month, he weighed in on CEOs taking stands on social issues. While he certainly airs his own political views from time to time, his stance is that he doesn’t want to speak for shareholders.