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02/22/2021 - Is This The End Of Tipping?

Is This The End Of Tipping?

The New York Times
The restaurant industry is in crisis. But some see how bad things are for servers – including “maskual harassment” – as a unique chance to make life better.

The Minimum Wage’s Racially Discriminatory Roots

The Wall Street Journal
An opinion columnist for The Wall Street Journal argues that, “By reducing employment opportunities, minimum-wage laws can make inequality worse.”

Paycheck Protection Program To Offer Exclusive COVID-19 Loan-Application Window For Smallest Firms

The Wall Street Journal
Changes for relief funding seek to improve access for tiny companies and minority-owned businesses.

Hospitality Workers Are Pushed Into New Careers As Pandemic Begins Second Year

The Wall Street Journal
Faced with continuing furloughs and economic lockdowns, workers at hotels, bars and restaurants look to reinvent themselves.