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02/23/2021 - How Restaurants Survive The Long Pandemic Winter

How Restaurants Survive The Long Pandemic Winter

The New Yorker
Amid shutdowns and snowstorms, small businesses stretch to keep staff safe, diners warm, and inspectors out of their hair.

How Blue Is Trump’s Shadow In Virginia? This Year’s Governor’s Race Is Already Shaping Up As A Key Barometer.

The Washington Post
GOP gubernatorial hopefuls are in a bind: While Trump is toxic to the suburban swing voters essential for winning a general election, he remains highly popular with the red base that will choose the party’s nominee.

There Is No Next Time: Inside The Left’s Minimum Wage Fight

The Daily Beast
What’s now at stake, top progressive lawmakers say, isn’t just the left’s credibility with voters; it’s the entire party’s.

Texans Needed Food And Comfort After A Brutal Storm. As Usual, They Found It At H-E-B.

The New York Times
As state government flounders, has a beloved grocery store chain become “the moral center of Texas”?