About 3 years ago

12/05/2019 - Almost Half Of All Americans Work In Low-Wage Jobs

-CBS News
America’s unemployment rate is at a half-century low, but it also has a job-quality problem that affects nearly half the population, with a study finding 44% of U.S. workers are employed in low-wage jobs that pay median annual wages of $18,000.
– Bloomberg
Presidents seeking re-election tend to do well when the national economy is performing well and are endangered in times of economic downturn. The state-by-state data show a more complicated picture for Trump. The Fed estimates the national economy will grow by 1.27% — but with a mixed outlook in some of the highly competitive states that Trump needs to win.
– The Wall Street Journal
As of May, women own or co-own 35% of the franchise outlets in the U.S. – around 265,000 – according to the Franchise Business Review research firm.
Money is pouring into delivery-only kitchens. They go by a variety of names, including ghost kitchens, virtual kitchens and dark kitchens. U.S. diners spent almost $27 billion last year ordering food for delivery by app, website or text message, according to the NPD Group, a market researcher.