About 3 years ago

12/04/2019 - Why Workers Don’t Like Grand Plans From Democrats

-The Washington Post
Democrats can regain ground with the working class by stressing results over visions and by offering solutions that work instead of pie in the sky.
– The New York Times
When balancing work and family becomes difficult, women tend to resort to caregiving and men to earning money.
– Forbes
Restaurateur Erin Wade has made a name for herself by inventing a groundbreaking color-coded system to protect her staff against harassment by customers. This system, which is now known as Not on the Menu, has been adopted as a recommended best practice by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and is used at restaurants and bars around the country.
– Vox
They allege that the real reason Google fired them was to quash a growing movement among company employees to question management’s decisions on issues ranging from disparities in pay between contractors and full-time employees, to the company’s controversial projects with government agencies.