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03/07/2018 - Amazon Is Considering Offering Something Like Checking Accounts, Report Says

Amazon Is Considering Offering Something Like Checking Accounts, Report Says

– Los Angeles Times

In another threat to traditional retailers and restaurant operators, Amazon has developed a new way to keep disposable cash “in their system”.

Where Corporate Taxes Are Poised To Rise Because Of Tax Overhaul: States

– The Wall Street Journal

When the top federal corporate-tax rate was 35%, state corporate-tax rates ranging from 3% to 12% were relatively insignificant for many big companies. But now, with the federal rate at 21% and fewer breaks available, state corporate taxes are becoming increasingly important.

How Low Can Unemployment Really Go? Economists Have No Idea

– The New York Times

For the economy to be dynamic, some people will always be unemployed, at least temporarily as they move between jobs. There exists, in theory at least, some magic number for the unemployment rate that keeps those priorities in perfect balance, a bare minimum level of joblessness that makes room for people to move around yet ensures that nearly everyone who wants to can find work without inflation bubbling up. Economists, as they are prone to do, have created an acronym for it: Nairu

Meet ‘Flippy,’ A Burger-Flipping Robot Alternative To Wage-Earning Workers

– The Washington Post

It takes burger orders through a digital ticketing system, then flips the burger patties and removes them from the grill. It uses thermal and regular vision, as well as cameras, to detect when the raw meat is placed on the grill, then monitors each burger throughout its cooking process.