About 5 years ago

03/08/2018 - DOL Wage Theft Program

DOL Wage Theft Program

– Politico

Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta announced Tuesday that the Labor Department was preparing a six-month pilot program to encourage companies to hand over voluntarily back pay that they owe workers.

Why Companies And Countries Are Battling For Ascendancy In 5G

– The New York Times

Being at the forefront of a new technology often provides a strategic advantage. That helps explain why there is so much scrapping now by companies and countries over a next wave of wireless technology known as 5G.

A Horrifying Path To America For Hotel Workers

– The Atlantic

In today’s fragmented, contractor-heavy economy, many hotels, restaurants, and other facilities no longer directly employ their workers. The Atlantic explores how this practice has led to a dynamic in which no one takes responsibility for the imported workers and they often face exploitative work conditions.

Why Are Corporations Finally Turning Against The NRA?

– The Atlantic

After the most recent high-school massacre in Parkland, Florida, left 17 students and teachers dead, the National Rifle Association (NRA), the nonprofit gun-rights advocacy group, was rebuked by a surprising group of liberal activists: American corporations. Pressured by Parkland high-school students and others to boycott the NRA, more than 20 companies have cut ties with the pro-gun group.