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03/09/2018 - Right-To-Work Laws Have Devastated Unions – And Democrats

Right-To-Work Laws Have Devastated Unions – And Democrats

– The New York Times

When right-to-work laws are in place, Democrats up and down the ballot do worse. In presidential elections, we estimate that these laws cost Democratic candidates two to five percentage points in right-to-work counties.

New Evidence Of The Minimum Wage Doing What It’s Supposed To Do: Help Low-Wage Workers

– The Washington Post

Jared Bernstein, a longtime pro-labor economist, has published another study on the impacts of raising the minimum wage.

The Rapid ‘Progress’ Of Progressivism

– National Review

It is more accurate to see them as high-wire acts in ad-hoc branding-attempts to stay above the popular disgust that has swallowed up the government and just about every other major institution in America.

Why Walmart Expanded Parental Leave – And How To Convince Your Company To Do The Same

– Harvard Business Review

Workers are beginning to expect that employers provide paid leave, not view it as a perk.