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03/12/2018 - Is Amazon Too Big To Tax?

Is Amazon Too Big To Tax?

– The New Republic

The e-commerce giant paid zero federal taxes in 2017. And it’s being rewarded with further tax breaks at the state and local level.

A U.S. Jobless Forecast Of 2.5%

– Axios

A month after forecasting a then-uber-bullish unemployment rate of 3.5%, Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, is going further – if the Fed maintains its current pace of interest rate hikes, he says, joblessness could plunge as low as 2.5% by the summer of next year.

McDonald’s Flipped Its Logo To ‘Celebrate’ Women. Then Came The Backlash.

– The Washington Post

The stunt rang hollow to many of the company’s critics, who say McDonald’s has systematically advanced policies that disadvantage its female employees. In particular, the company has fought a sustained battle against increases to the minimum wage, an issue that affects women disproportionately.

1-800-FLOWERS.COM CEO: A ‘Fifth Wave’ Of Retail Is Emerging

– Yahoo Finance

The “fifth wave” of conversational commerce means that customers can use technology to interact with brands in a “casual conversational format.” For example, a customer could use Facebook (FB) Messenger to chat with a bot to place an order.