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03/13/2018 - The Tipping Equation

The Tipping Equation

– The New York Times

The NY Times picks up the baton of anti-tipping activists and escalates the growing national conversation around tipping – and its alleged connection to sexual harassment and other workplace issues.

Labor Unions’ Self-Interested Scheme To Abolish Tipping

– Washington Examiner

From the Washington Examiner’s editorial page: “Is the Labor Department scheming to take away restaurant servers’ tips? That’s the message some labor advocates are sending in response to a proposed rule-making by the Trump administration that would permit kitchen staff in certain states to receive a portion of servers’ tips.”

Companies Can’t Avoid Politics – And Shouldn’t Try To

– Harvard Business Review

Companies used to avoid political issues at almost any cost. But those still relying on a strategy of abstention and neutrality are quickly learning that it no longer works the way it once did. Even when a company tries to be neutral, politics can drag it back in. Sometimes it leads to more harm than good.

Wage Theft In Restaurants

– The New York Times

From the New York Times Editorial Page: “It would be best for most restaurant employees if the industry moved away from a tipping model. But, realistically speaking, tips are not going away anytime soon – so it is important that state and federal lawmakers make sure waiters and other staffers who rely on gratuities are guaranteed the same minimum wage as other workers.”