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03/15/2018 - How ‘Trade’ Became A Dirty Word

How ‘Trade’ Became A Dirty Word

– The Washington Post

When Trump started campaigning to save blue-collar jobs and punish countries that don’t play fairly on trade, his message resonated among manufacturing workers, many of whom were going through fresh rounds of layoffs and pay freezes.

Looking At The Issues In The Design Of Family Care And Medical Leave Programs

– American Enterprise Institute

AEI and Brookings take a deep dive on how to design a paid leave program that disincentivizes abuse of the program but allows for family members to care for sick relatives.

Tipped Workers Invoke #MeToo In Fight To Raise Minimum Wage

– The Denver Post

Activists are invoking the #MeToo movement in the push for more states to adopt higher minimum wages for tipped workers. They say a wage structure that leaves workers dependent on tips often forces them to put up with harassing and abusive behavior from their customers or risk not being paid. The 15/hour effort has been around for years but has taken on new momentum lately with the increased reckoning and awareness of sexual misconduct.

Many American Workers Will Soon Be Able To Compare Their Salary To Company CEOs


Starting this year, publicly traded firms will be required to share their median employee pay, as well as CEO pay. NPR’s Ari Shapiro speaks to Wall Street Journal reporter Theo Francis about the new disclosure rule.