About 3 years ago

01/27/2020 - Amazon Employees Launch Mass Defiance Of Company Communications Policy In Support Of Colleagues

-The Washington Post
More than 350 Amazon employees violated the e-commerce giant’s communications policy Sunday, in an unprecedented public display of support for colleagues who were warned they could be fired for speaking out to criticize the company’s climate practices.
– Harvard Law School
A study recently released from the Labor and Worklife Program at Harvard Law School calls for an overhaul of American labor law, “to give workers sufficient tools to build the kind of power that can countervail the concentration of corporate power in both our economy and democracy.”
– The Washington Post
The soft drink giant’s head of sustainability, Bea Perez, told the BBC that consumers are fans of plastic-packaged drinks because they’re able to reseal their bubbles in lightweight packaging.
– The New York Times
Now, the Republican share of the vote has increased across the nation’s most economically disadvantaged counties, while the most successful counties have moved toward the Democrats.