About 3 years ago

01/28/2020 - To Fight New Employment Law, Uber Pits California Drivers Against Each Other

-The Washington Post
Critics call the ‘name your price’ system a race to the bottom. Uber is arguing the changes establish driver independence.
– The Wall Street Journal
Hiring people with a criminal past can pay big dividends for companies, such as closer community ties and a loyal workforce. But keeping them on the job can be a struggle.
– Associated Press
Attorney General Maura Healey ordered the largest child labor penalty ever issued by the state against the Mexican restaurant chain after finding an estimated 13,253 child labor violations in its more than 50 locations.
– Harvard Business Review
The researchers hope their findings will alert boards to the perils of ignoring red flags raised by executives’ lifestyles – and of trusting that governance mechanisms will avert any potential problems.