About 4 years ago

03/06/2019 - ‘Amazon Moms’ Are Every Working Mom, Calling For Backup Day-Care Benefits

– The Washington Post
After several years of expanding parental leave programs, companies are catering to their bulging populations of millennials with the next logical family-friendly perk – childcare.
 The Wall Street Journal
Executives surveyed by PwC said cleaning up their data would lead to big cost savings and revenue gains.
– The Wall Street Journal
The food fight comes as U.S. farm lobbies, Congress and some Trump administration officials demand access to European markets following a trans-Atlantic trade truce in July.
– Bloomberg
Workers can lose everything when their employer files for bankruptcy. At least for now. A pro-labor movement sparked by the employees of Toys “R” Us Inc., and taken up by Sears Holdings Corp., has reached the U.S. Congress.