About 4 years ago

03/07/2019 - America’s Job Market Is Defying Employer Labor Shortage Reports

– Bloomberg
While employers widely report that they can’t find workers to fill open jobs, a stubborn gap remains between the share that cites trouble hiring and the share hiking pay. That may be on the cusp of closing, but it’s too early to judge.
Led by big chains like Amazon Go, Sweetgreen and Shake Shack, U.S. retailers are fast eliminating cash sales. But cities and states across the country are fighting back.
Paid family leave has become a top legislative priority, and nowhere is that clearer than in state government. This year, about two dozen states are expected to consider proposals that offer paid leave for workers who are ill or taking care of new or elderly family members. NPR looks at those measures, and how they may also impact eventual rule-making for the private sector.
– Fortune
Two out of three retail workers believe that technology will eventually replace some of their job responsibilities, underscoring the rising concern about the impact of automation and cutting-edge technology on the workplace.