About 2 years ago

07/07/2021 - Amazon Transformed Seattle. Now, Its Workers Are Poised To Take It Back.

– The New York Times
A new Teamsters campaign, which promises to establish a department to specifically “aid Amazon workers and defend” industry standards, will include a mix of workplace organizing and local, state and federal advocacy.
– Axios
Economic growth could be hot for much longer than expected as shortages continue to push out the unsatisfied demand for goods and services.
Governors and lawmakers, who months ago thought they would be making deep cuts to their budgets, are instead facing the very unusual problem of how to spend bundles of money.
– The Wall Street Journal
Grubhub will deploy the suitcase-size rovers built by Russian tech company Yandex to some of the 250 colleges across the U.S. that Grubhub already operates in, the companies said Tuesday.