About 1 year ago

07/08/2021 - Biden Seeks To Strengthen Options For Workers With New Order

– The Associated Press
The forthcoming order will direct the Federal Trade Commission to restrict and potentially bar so-called noncompete agreements, which have stopped workers in industries including fast food and Big Tech from going to other employers for higher pay.
– The Wall Street Journal
The president’s tax agenda faces stiff opposition from Republicans, who say it would cost jobs and slow economic growth, and even some moderate Democrats, including Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, are skeptical. Republicans and business groups also warn about what happens if the U.S. raises the minimum tax but other countries don’t follow suit, a situation that could make a U.S. headquarters address a significant negative for a company.
– Washington Examiner
According to commentary in The Washington Examiner, “Economies of scale dictate that large corporations (such as Amazon) can operate much more efficiently, and thus eat labor costs with greater ease, than small businesses. Simply implementing a blanket increase to the minimum wage does not take this fact into account and, thus, puts small businesses at a comparative disadvantage.”
Food workers say customers “feel like they are more entitled than they have been before,” and are more likely to respond negatively towards inconveniences like long wait times or reduced menus.