About 4 years ago

11/09/2018 - American Voters Just Sent A Surprising Message About The Trade War

– Bloomberg
The trade war of 2018 was, in theory, supposed to hurt Republicans in states vulnerable to higher tariffs and Chinese retaliation. The results from Tuesday’s midterm elections suggest that didn’t really happen.
 The Wall Street Journal
There’s a behind-the-scenes consumer rating system known as a customer lifetime value or CLV. That secret number is used by all manner of companies to measure the potential financial value of their customers. Your score can determine the prices you pay, the products and ads you see and the perks you receive.

Democrats Nudge The Ball On Gerrymandering

– Bloomberg
The midterm election will help them redraw some unfavorable congressional districts. They’d hoped for more.
– Jackson Lewis PC
The Department of Labor this week rescinded its prior guidance that made the tip credit unavailable to tipped employees who spend more than 20% of their time performing allegedly non-tip generating duties.