About 4 years ago

11/08/2018 - Is America Running Out Of Workers?

– The Wall Street Journal
The latest NFIB survey shows small firms still trying to find all the new employees they want.
 Bloomberg Law
House Democrats plan to use their new majority to bring Labor Department officials in for hearings on a botched regulation for tipped workers and a move to allow teenagers to work in health care jobs, Rep. Bobby Scott (D-Va.) told Bloomberg Law.

Democrats Gain Hundreds Of Legislative Seats And Secure Majority Of State Attorneys General

– The Washington Post
After years of trying, Democrats expanded their influence in state capitols on Tuesday, flipping more than 300 state legislative seats while also claiming a majority of the nation’s attorney general offices.
– The New York Times
A change in control will block renewed tax-cut initiatives, but there may be room for accord on drug pricing and even stimulus, if the recovery falters.