About 4 years ago

11/07/2018 - Rust Belt Defeats Are A 2020 Warning For Trump

– Bloomberg
Democrats in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan swept the races for Senate and governor, and picked up valuable House seats, defeating Trump-backed Republicans at all levels. Whether it’s a fleeting backlash or a long-term political shift remains to be seen, but the outcome in those key states is enough to give Republicans heartburn.
 The New York Times
New research that studied how political ideology affects charitable giving found that philanthropy in the United States remains just as polarized as everything else.

Applebee’s Is Turning Its Business Around, A $1 Cocktail At A TIme

The company has had four consecutive quarters of positive same-store sales growth since initiating this strategy.
– Forbes
ReFED, a collaboration of 50 retailers, government leaders and organizations, estimates the cost of food waste is more than double its original profit potential, calculating it as an $18.2 billion opportunity for grocers. Further, 92% of surveyed shoppers feel supermarkets could do more to eliminate waste.