About 5 years ago

08/27/2018 - America’s Real Economy: It Isn’t Booming

– Forbes
All the official indicators say we’re back in boom times, with a bull market, low unemployment and steady job growth. But there is an alternative set of data that depicts a different America, where the overlooked majority struggles from month to month.
 The Washington Post
Unions representing federal workers on Saturday declared victory in what they have described as an assault by the Trump administration after a federal judge struck down key provisions of a set of executive orders aimed at making it easier to fire employees and weaken their representation.
– Harvard Business Review
According to the Harvard Business Review, one factor that’s often left out of this conversation is the role the courts have played in shielding companies from legal liability.
– The Wall Street Journal
Drink makers create new products, like alcoholic kombucha, seeking sales growth but causing confusion among consumers and grocers.