About 5 years ago

08/28/2018 - The Coming Yearlong U.S. Trade War With China

– Axios
The United States’ trade war with China is likely to last much longer than originally thought – extending well into the second half of next year and perhaps beyond, experts say.
 The Wall Street Journal
Ex-inmates are typically among the last groups on the sidelines of the jobs market. The U.S. economy has been in a sustained period of low unemployment with many states across the Midwest and Northeast, in particular, experiencing labor shortages and employers needing to reach further for workers.
– Fortune
The U.S. government has announced $4.7 billion in direct payments to American farmers, as part of its previously-announced strategy for mitigating the effects of President Donald Trump’s trade disputes, in particular the spat with China. But some farmers on the receiving end of the aid are pushing back against it.
– The Atlantic
How online shopping and cheap prices are turning Americans into hoarders.