About 5 years ago

09/07/2018 - The Down-Ballot Officials Who Could Freeze The Trump Train In Its Tracks

– The Washington Post
Attorney general is a down-ballot office that rarely gets much attention in a heated election season when control of both houses of Congress is up for grabs. But the outcome of more than 30 attorney general races – with Democrats aiming for pickups in at least five states that are also presidential battlegrounds – could have as profound an effect as anything else that happens in November.
 Bloomberg Opinion
It’s not the job of Walmart or Amazon to eradicate poverty. It’s everyone’s job.
– Forbes
Verve, a UK-based tech firm took the plunge into pay transparency, allowing all of their employees access to the pay of their bosses, their peers and even their CEO. A Forbes contributor offers the potential benefits of the practice in the workplace.
– The Washington Post
Employees at Google and elsewhere are protesting their bosses’ business decisions. Will that evolve into a more sustained labor movement?