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09/06/2018 - The Farm Bill’s Threat To Food Security

– The Atlantic
The major agricultural and welfare proposal currently before a conference committee would reduce poor Americans’ access to nutrition, even as the USDA acknowledges its food-stamp program has been instrumental in fighting hunger.
 Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics 
Cities that raised their hourly minimum wage above $10 enjoy stronger economic growth, according to a just-released study from the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment at UC Berkeley. The study analyzed the effects of minimum wage policies on food-service workers in Chicago, the District of Columbia, Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle.
– The Atlantic
Inmates around the country have managed to engage the public in their ongoing prison protest through a targeted media strategy. In addition to calling for prisoners to be paid the prevailing wage where they live, the strikers’ list of 10 demands includes voting rights for “ex-felons” and better funding for rehabilitation services.
– Forbes
After analyzing Census Bureau American Community Survey data from 2011 through 2016, five U.S. states in particular display unsettling levels of income inequality and, worse, its continuing rapid growth.