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01/25/2018 - ‘Big Positive Surprise’ Coming From Trump Tax Plan, CEOs Say  

‘Big Positive Surprise’ Coming From Trump Tax Plan, CEOs Say 

– The Washington Post

There’s growing cohesion among executives — cutting across industry and even geography — that Trump’s tax plan is going to deliver massive new investment in the United States, which should, in turn, boost growth and employment.

Why More Americans Should Work In Retirement

– The Wall Street Journal

Keeping older people in the workforce for longer could help fight the U.S.’s high rates of old-age poverty and reduce inequality, according to a new report.

Maine’s Grassroots Restaurant Group Takes Tip Credit Fight To National Stage

– The Maine Wire

Can a group of servers success in Maine carry over into other states?

Something Doesn’t Ad Up About America’s Advertising Market

– The Economist

Imagine a world in which you are manipulated by intelligent advertisements from dusk until dawn. Jaron Lanier, a Silicon Valley thinker who was an adviser on “Minority Report”, a bleak sci-fi film, worries that this could be the future. He calls it a world of ubiquitous “digital spying”. A few platform firms, he fears, will control what consumers see and hear and other companies will have to bid away their profits (by buying ads) to gain access to them. Advertising will be a tax that strangles the rest of the economy, like medieval levies on land.