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01/24/2018 - Economics May Not Be Driving Corporate Generosity

Economics May Not Be Driving Corporate Generosity

– The Washington Post

Republicans have been touting the number of companies handing out employee bonuses and pay raises – such as Walmart and Bank of America – as a surprising sign that the Trump administration’s tax cuts are working their economic magic faster than anyone expected. But a deeper look at the list of approximately 200 companies shows that more than economics is probably at play, with business experts and analysts saying that alternative motivations are likely to be behind the sudden flood of corporate generosity.

Wary, Weary Or Both, Southern Lawmakers Tone Down Culture Wars

– The New York Times

With elections looming and major corporations watching, the social issues that have provoked bitter fights in recent years across the conservative South – including restroom access for transgender people and so-called religious freedom measures – are gaining little legislative momentum in statehouses this year.

Will Millennials Kill Costco?

– The Washington Post

Warehouse clubs such as Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale Club have for decades been an American staple: a place where families can stock up on bulk items, try free samples and spend the better part of a weekend morning meandering through aisles filled with 26-packs of canned salmon and king-size mattresses. But as more of Americans’ buying shifts online, some retail analysts say warehouse clubs may largely be left behind.

Inside Amazon Go, A Store Of The Future

– The New York Times

The technology inside Amazon’s new convenience store, opening Monday in downtown Seattle, enables a shopping experience like no other – including no checkout lines.