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01/23/2018 - How The Labor Movement Is Thinking Ahead To A Post-Trump World

How The Labor Movement Is Thinking Ahead To A Post-Trump World

– The Intercept_

The American labor movement, over the past four decades, has had two golden opportunities to shift the balance of power between workers and bosses – first in 1978, with unified Democratic control of Washington, and again in 2009. Both times, the unions came close and fell short, leading, in no small part, to the precarious situation labor finds itself in today. Just over 10 percent of workers are unionized, down from 35 percent in the mid 1950s. Potentially, though, a wave of Democratic victories in 2018 and 2020 could give labor groups one last chance to turn things around.

The Case For Letting Uber Drivers Organizes

– Bloomberg

Ride-hailing apps are surging in popularity, but the legal status of drivers who earn a living from them remains unresolved. What happens with this segment of the sharing economy workforce could have huge implications for America’s economy.

Minimum Wage And Jobs/Pay Tradeoff That May Not Exist: QuickTake

– The Washington Post

For more than a century, politicians have been passing minimum wage laws and opponents have warned of their hidden costs. The answer, after decades of data mining by economists, is a tentative and surprising maybe.

Don’t Listen To Washington, Tourist Organizations Try Telling Foreigners

– The New York Times

Persuading international travelers to visit the United States never used to be difficult. But things have gotten a little more complicated. According to the Commerce Department’s National Travel and Tourism Office, the number of international visitors in the first half of 2017 fell 4 percent from a year earlier. Those in the travel industry point to factors like a global market that gives tourists more possible destinations, the strength of the dollar and tightening visa restrictions. They also say the messages coming from the Trump administration – the latest example being President Trump’s vulgar comment about Haiti and African nations – play a role.