About 3 years ago

06/18/2020 - Business Owners Grapple With Coronavirus Checks For Staff

– The Wall Street Journal
Small businesses confront the costs and logistics of COVID-19 testing for workers.
– The New York Times
Masks are just the start. Entrepreneurs around the U.S. are figuring out what to do as they go, and hoping that they can make it work.
– Morning Brew
The past week has brought one of the biggest shifts in corporate leadership since #MeToo. High-level executives have left their corner offices as complaints of mistreatment of black workers, and other troubling behavior, come to light in a newly charged environment around racial justice.
– The Brookings Institution
Protecting all essential workers is important, but defining the subset of essential workers who must physically report to their jobs and are most vulnerable to health risks – what we call “frontline” workers – demands greater attention.