About 3 years ago

06/19/2020 - ‘It’s Very Discouraging’: America’s New $600 Billion Rescue Program For Small Businesses Is Off To A Rocky Start

-The Washington Post
The Federal Reserve’s Main Street lending program is supposed to provide low-cost loans to small and midsize businesses. But small-business owners can’t find banks willing to do the loans.
– The Wall Street Journal
As many companies across the U.S. explore ways to promote more racial equality in hiring, new research suggests banning salary history questions for job applicants provides considerable benefits for African-Americans and women.
– The New York Times
Higher pay for employees has improved service and productivity in department stores and nursing homes. These findings have direct implications for the current pandemic, an economist says.
– The Wall Street Journal
The lawmakers, who say they were brought together by a group representing smaller, independent restaurants, publicized differing versions of their restaurant-stabilization fund on Thursday.