About 4 years ago

06/18/2019 - Businesses Plead To Stop More China Tariffs. They Expect To Be Ignored.

– The New York Times
Consumer products like toys, shoes, watches and jewelry are among the items that would face a 25 percent tax if President Trump’s next round of tariffs goes into effect. Companies warn that could raise prices on American consumers.
– The Wall Street Journal
From The WSJ Editorial Board: “The United Auto Workers lost another vote to organize a southern American auto plant late last week, and maybe some introspection is in order. Workers with good jobs and wages aren’t buying what the union is selling.”
– The Washington Post
Customers will be able to track their order through the company’s app like an Uber.
– The Washington Post
The move shows traditional meat companies are eager to get in on plant-based alternatives heralded as the next big thing.