About 4 years ago

06/17/2019 - Workers’ Protest, Candidate Forum Put Spotlight On Race And Economic Inequality

– The Washington Post
The restaurant business model is front-and-center in the Democrat presidential debate. And, that conversation is not painting a flattering portrait of the industry.
– The New York Times
In France, where food delivery is a booming trend, some couriers who are registered on such apps are renting out their accounts. The substitute cyclists are often illegal migrants, asylum seekers and underage teenagers willing to work long hours for low wages, no matter the traffic or weather, according to French labor and humanitarian groups, some companies, and interviews with more than a dozen of riders and migrants.
– The New York Times
A tutorial on business community political engagement. Landlords and developers, fending off a new Democratic majority and proposed rent laws, have adopted some of the tactics of their progressive critics.
Infrastructure is the leading topic of many State of the City addresses this year, demonstrating an area of local policymaker focus and a potential opportunity for the employer community.