About 4 years ago

03/21/2019 - California Truck Drivers Could Become Employees Under Ruling

– San Francisco Chronicle
In a decision with major implications for other industries, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected an appeal by the California Trucking Association on Monday in a case that could classify tens of thousands of California truck drivers as employees of freight-hauling companies, with the right to minimum wages, overtime pay and reimbursement for business expenses.
In past lives, these workers delivered pizzas and parcels, tended stores and taught in schools, or drove Ubers and forklifts. They made the unlikely jump to tech by way of apprenticeships – free intensive training followed by jobs at the companies that taught them.
– The Washington Post
As white economic anxiety has eased, African Americans are registering their highest levels of economic anxiety since at least 2000. The measure has also been rising among the Hispanic population.
– Bloomberg
Countries where lack of opportunity mix with high inequality see slower growth.