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03/22/2019 - Shake Shack’s CEO Just Made A Very Surprising Announcement. Will He Regret It?

– Inc. Magazine
Inc. Magazine dives into Shake Shack’s decision to try out a four-day work week in some of its stores.
 The New York Times
From the New York Times: “The resounding message from servers in New York to these actresses in Hollywood is to just leave us alone,” said Maggie Raczynski, a bartender at an Outback Steakhouse in upstate New York. “These celebrities have literally no idea. I feel like they need to butt out.”
– The New York Times
Two years ago, some of America’s largest corporations were tearing up their business plans to accommodate President Trump, fearful that he could send their shareholders and customers fleeing with a tweet. Now they have a new strategy: Ignore him.
– The Washington Post
Historically, Florida has a market advantage by producing certain crops – tomatoes, blueberries, strawberries – during the winter when the state’s farmers are the only people on the planet to do so. In recent years, their winter dominance has been challenged by Mexico.