About 4 years ago

04/15/2019 - Why CEOs Actually Deserve Their Gazillion-Dollar Salaries

It is fashionable today to bash Big Business. And there is one issue on which the many critics agree: CEO pay. We hear that CEOs are paid too much (or too much relative to workers), or that they rig others’ pay, or that their pay is insufficiently related to positive outcomes. But the more likely truth is CEO pay is largely caused by intense competition.
 The Daily Wire
A public challenge issued by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos prompted a taunting response from Walmart.
– Forbes
This exclamation point should resonate with corporate boards, assuming the unpredictable results of the 2020 campaign. While progressive policies may ultimately serve the public interest, they nevertheless could dramatically affect the role of the board, and its relationship with the CEO.
– The Wall Street Journal
Coca-Cola’s median worker made 65 percent less than a year earlier. The one at Macy’s got a 60 percent raise. Here’s why.