About 4 years ago

04/16/2019 - As Cashless Stores Grow, So Does The Backlash

– Associated Press
Cash-free stores are generating a backlash among some activists and liberal-leaning policymakers who say the practice discriminates against people who either lack bank accounts or rely on cash for many transactions.
 The Washington Post
A central theme of this census appears to be a hollowing out of the middle: All categories of midsize farms declined over the past five years. Farmer’s ages skewed older, leaving questions about what happens when they age out.
– The New York Times
Uber’s public stock offering next month will make a bunch of people remarkably rich. Peter Ashlock is not one of them, although he has toiled for the ride-hailing company almost since the beginning.
– Axios
In high schools across the U.S., a quiet movement is underway to better prepare students for a hazy new future of work in which graduates will vie for fast-changing jobs being transformed by increasingly capable machines.