About 4 years ago

04/17/2019 - Employee Wellness Programs Yield Little Benefit, Study Shows

– The New York Times
Companies have long embraced workplace wellness programs as a way to improve workers’ health and reduce overall medical spending, but a new study may prompt employers to rethink those efforts.
 Restaurant Dive
Some restaurants have started adding a surcharge to customers’ bills to help pay for employees’ healthcare coverage and other benefits, like paid time off, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
– The Wall Street Journal
About a third of business and financial economists surveyed as part of The WSJ’s monthly poll said an hourly minimum wage above the current level of $7.25/hr but below $10 would cause job losses. Some 26 percent said employers would start to cut payrolls in the $10.01 to $13.00 range.
– Axios
Employers will report their payroll taxes later this month. But, companies that have replaced or expanded their flesh-and-blood staff with robots will get a free pass. Amid fears of automation-fueled job loss, a once-fringe debate is exploding into public view: Why don’t we tax the bots?