About 3 years ago

08/04/2020 - CEOs To Congress: A Lot More Small Businesses Will Fail Without New Aid

-The Washington Post
A letter signed by the top executives of Starbucks, Microsoft, IBM and more than 100 other companies and trade groups stressed the ‘urgent need to act’.
– The New York Times
The S.B.A.’s disaster relief program allows for loans of up to $2 million. But now they’re capped at $150,000 – and agency officials are saying little about why.
– The Wall Street Journal
Unable to tag-team supervision or divide up career compromises, millions parenting without a partner face difficult choices.
– The Wall Street Journal
People who get paid by the hour see their time differently than people who get a salary. And that has implications for both the way companies pay their employees and how people could increase their well-being by altering the way they view their income.