About 3 years ago

08/03/2020 - New Normal’ Emerges For Companies Navigating COVID-19 Pandemic

-The Wall Street Journal
Corporate leaders, with a better understanding of the current stay-at-home lifestyle, are resetting their businesses; ‘our visibility is improving’.
– The Wall Street Journal
Sen. Marco Rubio talks about the bill to expand loans and grants to businesses suffering fallout from coronavirus pandemic.
– The Associated Press
Restaurants were among the small businesses the Paycheck Protection Program was intended to help, but some owners say it was of limited use.
– The Washington Post
From Florida to Texas and from Louisiana to Maine, proprietors are discovering that states will let bars, breweries, strip clubs and night clubs remain open for business as long as they serve food with their alcohol – typically more food than booze, but not always – and follow the local guidance required of restaurants.