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04/12/2018 - China Takes The Lead In Pioneering Retail

China Takes The Lead In Pioneering Retail

– Axios

In January, Amazon attracted intense attention when it opened Go, its cashless convenience store in Seattle. And it’s poised to open six more of them on the U.S. west coast, according to Recode. But that still leaves the e-commerce giant far behind its Chinese rivals, which are already staking out new ground in retail.

Two-Thirds Of Millennials Shop In Stores Every Week

– Retail Dive

Millennials enjoy shopping as a pastime and want an elevated in-store experience, though they also expect a high level of convenience, according to a new report from omnichannel analytics firm Euclid emailed to Retail Dive. A quarter of millennials (more than the 20% of Baby Boomers and 19% of Gen Xers) like to shop with family and friends, according to the report.
Indeed To Post Employer Diversity And Inclusion Ratings

– HR Dive

Indeed says the move will boost transparency and accountability on diversity and inclusion, while providing a resource for employers interested in creating more diverse workplaces.

What Could Trump Do To Amazon?

– Politico

President Donald Trump’s repeated Twitter attacks on Amazon have already dented the e-commerce giant’s stock price. But if he really wants to hammer the company and its ultra-billionaire CEO Jeff Bezos, the president has some tools at his disposal – using the government’s spending and regulating powers. Whether Trump or his allies will actually use any of those weapons is unclear.