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04/13/2018 - The U.S. Used To Be A World Leader In Women Working. Not Anymore.

The U.S. Used To Be A World Leader In Women Working. Not Anymore.

– The Washington Post

The United States used to be a leader in women working. In 1985, America was second only to Sweden in the proportion of prime age women with jobs or actively seeking paid employment. Now, the United States has fallen to the back of the pack, according to a new report this week from the International Monetary Fund.

How Pizza Night Can Cost More In Data Than Dollars

– The Wall Street Journal

Imagine “Sally” sets up a pizza-and-movie night with her friend “Kristen.” The Wall Street Journal reviewed privacy statements to assess just how much data could be unknowingly shared on top of the price of that pepperoni pie.
Driver Shortage Affecting US Trucking Industry

– Global Trade

According to a report from the American Trucking Associations (ATA), the trucking industry-responsible for transporting more than 70 percent of goods consumed in the US-faces a serious shortage of drivers, with a need to hire nearly 900,000 new operators over the next decade just to maintain the current workforce.

How Instacart Is Ramping Up Its Grocery Strategy To Fend Off Amazon

– Fast Company

Amazon’s announcement last June of its plan to buy Whole Foods served as a wake-up call to grocers that the threat of e-commerce could no longer be ignored. And grocery-delivery startup Instacart, known for its same-day delivery from big-box supermarkets, was ready to help.