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05/18/2018 - The Coming Wage Crisis

The Coming Wage Crisis

– Axios

In the future of automation, the crisis in the advanced economies may be flat wages and not a lack of jobs. That future appears already to be here.

40% In U.S. Can’t Afford Middle-Class Basics

– Axios

For two years, U.S. politics has been dominated by the anger and resentment of a self-identified “forgotten” class, some left behind economically and others threatened by changes to their way of life. Now, a new study begins to show the scale of the problem: at a time of rock-bottom joblessness, high corporate profits and a booming stock market, more than 40% of U.S. households can’t pay the basics of a middle-class lifestyle – rent, transportation, child care and a cell phone, according to a new study.

Four Socialist-Backed Candidates Win Pennsylvania Elections

– The Hill

Democrat primary voters in Pennsylvania are still “feeling the Bern” with the Democrat Socialists of America (DSA)-backed candidates winning four elections this week.

Uber No Longer Requires Sexual Harassment Victims To Sign Confidentiality Agreements For Settlements

– The Washington Post

Under mounting pressure, Uber will announce Tuesday that it will no longer forbid passengers, drivers and employees from speaking publicly about sexual harassment or assault complaints they bring against the ride-hailing giant.